Language-change index, why $10/hr is not enough, training on-demand, and finding time to write — links this week

Some weeks the great stuff floods in. This was one of those weeks. And my podcast is super late!

Language-Change Index

Garner, of the Modern Usage fame, explains the concept that language moves from error to wide use, moderated by one’s level of education until only the eccentrics are clinging to the original distinction. Garner describes 5 stages:

  1. mistake
  2. spread
  3. majority use
  4. only snoots avoid it
  5. only eccentrics reject it

(Thanks to Gael Spivak for pointing me to this. I like it so much that I wish I had seen it long, long ago. Blame my single undergrad degree, but I fall in the “2” stage pretty often; especially if the use is funny or clever, definitely if the use doesn’t obscure.)

On-Demand Training for Editors has on-demand training for editors. My enthusiasm is genuine though I am an employee; I haven’t created any of the training content. For a fee about equal to what membership in professional organizations costs, I now have access to all the training they offer. There are a few dozen on-demand sessions, monthly audio conferences, a job board, and the “print” newsletter. For the cost of a single audio conference, you can get a Gold Membership that gives you access to nearly all those features. I’m afraid of sounding like an ad here, but I’m pretty excited.

Finding Time to Write

Carolyn Haley explains how she finds the time to write. The structure and discipline she describes can take your writing from a hobby to a profession.

chain link


Why You’re Charging Too Little

Rich Adin explains why $10/hr isn’t enough to cover your expenses and pay you a living wage. He compares hourly rates across many standards. Given the state of the economy and personal debt, I’m not surprised that most people need this balance sheet spelled out for them. They might benefit from even more detail.

Rate shortcut graphic

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