How to column on (keyboard shortcuts for selecting text)

Baby with a laptop by Paul Inkles used under CC BY-2.0 license.Today I start writing another weekly column at It covers tech tips to make your editing more efficient, effective, and (ultimately) profitable, and (occasionally) some interpersonal stuff for dealing with, you know, the humans. The How To posts appear Mondays at noon, eastern.

Keyboard shortcuts for selecting text in Word are today’s topic. This is a common enough question, as editors wonder aloud why there isn’t an easier way to do it. There is. Here are 5 faster and more precise alternatives to dragging the mouse. You might also find this earlier post useful: keyboard shortcuts you didn’t know you needed.

Bonus tip

Use any of those methods without holding the shift key and you can navigate the cursor to wherever you want it without taking your fingers off the keyboard.


Link to my Canadian, Eh? column on



Photo by Paul Inkles used under CC BY-2.0 license.

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