Stop Wasting Time on Estimates

photo looking down on skeptical-looking man who has yellow leaves falling on himAre you spending hours developing accurate estimates specific to a project only to hear the client say “That’s ten times what I thought I’d have to spend”?

Tweet this quote.Stop it. Stop it now.

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How do you screen clients to make sure you’re in the same ballpark? Leave your comments below, on Facebook, or on the blog. We want to learn from you!

Listen to the podcast on this topic for an extended discussion, more case studies and resources.

About this guy I asked for advice: I could fill an entire blog post describing why Greg Ioannou is a person whose advice counts for a lot. Besides having always been generous with advice, he owns of Colbourne Communications (an editing business with several employees as well as a small press), is a founding member of EAC, and teaches editing at a university.

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Photo by Alexandre Normand used under CC BY-2.0 license.


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