(When) You Need Permission

Tweet this quote.You need to ask permission—almost always—to use pictures or words that are not your own creation. It doesn’t matter what the use is unless you are a reporter, making a parody, or critiquing the material. Just ask, and stop arguing.

Today, in my Canadian, Eh? column at Copyediting.com, I mention a very few exceptions to the need to ask permission, and tell you how long after the creator dies that you need to be asking for permission to use their creation.

You can read more about Canadian copyright law and how to use copyrighted materials in earlier posts by me on Copyediting.com and in the Copyright Act, itself. I’ve also written about it on this blog, oh, a thousand times.

Also mentioned in the post:

red silk arranged in C shapeLink to my Canadian, Eh? column on Copyediting.com


Photo by Geishaboy500, used under CC BY-2.0 license.

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