Get Better Email Replies

Tweet this post.Are your emails going unanswered? Get tips for composing emails that get replied to, today in my How To column at Start these practices, now.

This includes thoughts on:

  • How many points per message
  • Why structure matters
  • Why attachments might anger the reader
  • How to maximize the subject line
  • When to make use of the cc field
  • When longer emails are good idea

You might also be interested in the email charter.

My inbox may not be as bad as the one shown here, but there’re still too many unanswered messages.

Which email messages do you answer first? What styles irk you? Log in to leave a comment on, or join the discussion over on Facebook or Twitter.

Thanks to Jan Safran for sharing her email inbox count (shown in the figure). Safran is an editor in New York State. Her credentials include being “brilliant and beautiful and possessed of a great wit”—which I have confirmed in person. She’ll reply to your email just as soon as possible.


Link to my columns on


Email in box with 51,579 unread messages


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