Course Companion

Thank you for purchasing training in PDF markup for editors, proofreaders, production staff and other publications people. Here you will find all the links mentioned in the course and all the demo videos.

Adobe gave Reader and Acrobat a brand new look with the release of version DC. A new set of videos and resources is now in development and an updated course will be announced soon. Sign up for email notification of upcoming course dates.




My program looks different. The number one problem people encounter and don’t even realize it is that the PDF is opening in a web browser rather than in the full Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat program. Read more about the problem and the solution here.

Second: features seem to be changing constantly. The Snapshot tool doesn’t work the way it used to, for example. For cut and paste, in particular: 

  • Cut and paste does not work on grouped items. Ungroup them and then select them individually.
  • This does not work if you select items using the Comments List. You must click on the actual item on the page to select it/them.
  • If you have clicked on an item in the Comments List, copy and paste behave differently. Click somewhere on the actual page before trying to paste a mark.

Tools are not available. The person who created the PDF you are trying to work with may have put restrictions on the file. Send them this message:
“Can you please remove the restrictions to editing this PDF and send it to me again?”


I still have questions

If you have the question, others do as well. It may be because of a change in the software or an unexpected restriction the person who created the PDF has put on the file you are trying to work with. Please check the course forums to see if another student has provided an answer to your question.

Support for course materials ends after the course end date but I welcome feedback at any time as it helps me identify ways to strengthen the course.


Get a Private Consult

Get one-on-one tutoring with me live, online, and a recording you can keep for future reference. Starting at $60. Contact me to set an appointment.


Please respect the copyright and right to earn a living from this work and do not share any part of this resource or the demo videos without permission from the creator. Anything posted on the main blog can be shared as it is released with a Creative Commons license.

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