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New Course Dates

PDF markup, online June 3–30
Word editing, online June 24, July 1, 8, 22




PDF markup, online May 6–30 SOLD OUT

Word editing, online June 3–30 SOLD OUT

Onscreen editing in Word

E-editing: Word
ONLINE — June 3–30 (sold out)
ONLINE — June 24, July 1, 8, 22
Pimp your Word skillz with advanced find & replace, macros, plug-ins and other tricks.

Advanced Acrobatics, 1 hr session at EAC Conference in Toronto, Sunday June 8 


E-editing: PDF markup
ONLINE — June 3–30
ONLINE — May 6–30 (sold out)
Mark up changes to printer’s proofs or any screen shot (ebook, app, video) using free software from Adobe.





Link to video:

[notice]On-screen Editing[/notice]

Use drawing tools from the Comment & Markup toolbar to make proofreading marks a PDF in Adobe Acrobat Pro 9.


Learn efficiencies for editing on-screen in both Word and PDF. You can make a PDF of anything.

The EFA will offer this again in two parts starting May 2014. Part I covers PDF, Part II covers Word; and we’re offering a discount for both together. It’s now 8 weeks long.

The course is now updated to show Acrobat XI (free Adobe Reader version) and contains an expanded section on sophisticated macros and plug-ins for Word.

How online lessons work

It’s a very accessible platform using just written lessons and video demos (posted to YouTube) plus exercises for self-assessment. Students work on their own schedule. Material is chunked to take roughly 1 hour each week, because we know you are all busy working full-time, too.

Sign in and progress at your convenience. The feedback and class participation (tips, tricks, & support from your fellow professional editors) end on a given date, but when you do the work is up to you.

Presented online by the Editorial Freelancers’ Association in the USA and in person in Montreal by the Editor’s Association of Canada. Open to all.
More details on how the online course functions are provided in my blog post. I ran this course in the fall of both 2012 and 2013, with excellent response.


[notice]Educational Editing[/notice] — ran in fall of 2012

We are often asked how to get into educational editing. Getting in is one thing; more importantly, what are you getting into? On top of the professional editorial standards, editors in the school market also need to:

  • understand curriculum documents (what content must be included and to what depth of knowledge)
  • adjust reading levels and readability
  • ensure assessments follow current models and principles
  • draft missing content
  • revise content based on reviewer feedback
  • develop all product components
  • fit copy to the product design and course length

Spend 3 hours with me and my dameditors, exploring the extended checklist that an editor must use when working in the educational market. Read the seminar description on


November 17, 2012 — Ottawa, ON


[notice]Marketing for Freelancers[/notice]

— ran in fall of 2012

Spend half a day with me, talking about the ways that freelancers have tried to market themselves. Leave with the beginnings of a plan for your own marketing efforts. Read the seminar description on

See what others are doing.

Gauge whether you have to use social media.

Decide how to find clients in person.

Consider methods appropriate to your clients.


Make a plan for yourself.


November 17, 2012 — Ottawa, ON

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