course bias

Computer courses are slanted toward the Mac OS. However, since Adrienne was a PC/ Windows instructor and network tech for two years, Windows users will be supported as well.

Since mobile technology is growing in importance, the use of iPads is incorporated as much as possible. A tablet (mouse or iPad type) is not required for this course.

Free programs are investigated as much as possible.

For a description of the courses, go to the main training page. or read the syllabuses (syllabi?) — for the PDF course and for the Word course.

To be notified of the next course offering, enter your email address in the field below. I vow to send a single message when the next course date is set (likely fall 2014 as the spring message has already been sent), and you can manage your own settings/ unsubscribe at any time.

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Here’s the promo video I made when I ran the first course years ago:

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