syllabus for Word course

This is the draft syllabus for the Spring 2014 course. Jump to syllabus for PDF course.


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Here’s the promo video I made when I ran the first course years ago:


Why edit in MS Word?                                                                                       Week 1

Tracking edits

  • When not to track changes
  • Marking moved text
  • Compare docs (new, this offering)


  • Language selection
  • Customizing the word list
  • Grammar checker

Comments tool

  • Notes to self

Securing a file for review

Reviewing edits


Version control                                                                                                       Week 2

File management


Reveal non-printing characters

Find and replace

  • Special characters
  • Some special characters
  • Wildcards & special codes
  • Some special characters for find & replace


Page breaks and section breaks


  • Change a style
  • Import a set of styles
  • Other uses for styles


Macros (greatly expanded)                                                                  Week 3

  • Create a macro
    • Record a macro
    • Import a macro
  • Edit a macro
    • Force track changes on
  • Use a macro
    • Keyboard shortcuts for macros
    • Toolbar icons for macros
  • Caution

Addendum — bonus macros

  • Spell CanOx — a macro that applies CanOx spelling preferences
  • Polo Bears — a macro that flags problem words
  • Zoom Track — a macro that sets zoom and track changes preferences


Alternatives to Macros                                                                                             Week 4

  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Icon shortcuts
  • Scrapbook
  • Autocorrect customization

Plug-ins & Apps

Production pitfalls

  • Special characters
  • Automated bullets and numbering


[important]Jump to Syllabus for PDF course.[/important]

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